Population, vital statistics and migration in mazowieckie voivodship in 2017

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Date of publication: 14.08.2018

The aim of the publication is to present data on quantity and quality changes in the size and structure of population, as well as data on: marriages, separations, divorces, births, deaths and population migrations, which give the opportunity to diagnose the demographic situation of Mazowieckie voivodship in 2017. Moreover, the data allow for analysing different areas of socio-economic life, e.g. data on population by educational and economic age groups enable to determine influence of demographic factor on future of educational system, labour market, and pension benefits.

The basic part of the publication is preceded by four review tables containing selected information on the size of population and vital statistics and the intensity of demographic phenomena. The first of them presents demographic phenomena in the area of Mazowieckie voivodship in the years 2000, 2005 and 2010–2017, and in the next one – an overview of current information about the country and the voivodship and about voivodhip powiats and districts of the Capital City of Warszawa.

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By: Voivodship, subregions, powiats, gminas.