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August 2017

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Population, vital statistics and migration in mazowieckie voivodship in 2016

Data presented in the publication concern quantity and quality changes in size and structure of the population, as well as the following topics: marriages, separations, divorces, births, deaths, migration, which enable to diagnose demographic situation of Mazowieckie voivodship in 2016. Moreover, the data allow for analysing different areas of socio-economic life, e.g. data on population by educational and economic age groups enable to determine influence of demographic factor on future of educational system, labour market, and pension benefits.
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Statistics of Warsaw - August 2017

Basic indices characterising the socio-economic situation of the Capital City of Warsaw, i.a. in terms of the labour market, and wages and salaries, industry, construction and trade. Information is characterized by an attractive form of graphics in the form of cartograms. Information is presented according to selected sections of PKD 2007.
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Statistical Bulletin of Mazowieckie Voivodship - 2nd quarter 2017

Publication includes major indicators and time series on the socio-economic characteristics of situation of the voivodship with respect to, among others, labour market, salaries, prices, finances, agriculture, industry and construction, tourism and trade.
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