Spatial distribution of entities of the national economy in Warsaw

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Date of publication: 19.07.2019
Frequency of publication: Single edition

Entities of the national economy in Warsaw have a significant impact on the gross domestic product and other major economic indicators. They also reflect the endogenous potential and economic base of the capital. Distribution of entities as workplaces of hundreds of thousands of people determines the directions and volume of movement of residents. Areas with high concentration may indicate favourable conditions for the location of economic activity, but indicate potential problems with communication, parking spaces, congestion and the quality of public spaces. All these premises point to the need for research and analysis of places of activity of companies and institutions in the capital.

The Statistical Office in Warszawa, noticing the importance of challenges for the city authorities, as well as specialists and experts dealing with the management of the metropolis, prepared a brochure „Spatial distribution of entities of the national economy in Warsaw”.

The analysis covered the group of entities registered in the REGON register by headquarters as of 31st January 2019. The entities were assigned geographical coordinates, which allowed the presentation of results in a grid of squares measuring 500x500 metres by selected legal status, period of registration of the unit and nature of economic activity.

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