Size and structure of the local labour markets in powiat capital towns in Mazovia

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Date of publication: 27.06.2014

The aim of the report is pointing to the most important branches which are at the same time strategic for the development of the region and which develop the fastest. The analysis concerns the changes in the size of the workforce employed in particular branches as well as the structure of employed population by sex and sector of ownership. 

The elaboration has been based on the number of employed persons according to the annual report on employed persons, wages and salaries and working time (form Z‐06). This data covers entities of national economy excluding the entities with up to 9 employed persons (micro enterprises), private farms, social and political organizations, trade unions, clergymen doing pastoral work and budgetary entities conducting activities within the scope of national defence and public safety. Hence the data used in the elaboration concerns small, medium and large enterprises in which, according to the definition, at least 10 persons work (in small enterprises the number of employed persons is up to 49, in medium‐sized ones between 50 and 249, and in large enterprises – over 249 persons).