Portrait of a migrant. Internal migration in subregional cities in Mazowieckie voivodship in 2005-2015

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Date of publication: 04.01.2018
Frequency of publication: Single edition

There are five subregional centres in Mazowieckie voivodship: Ciechanów, Ostrołęka, Płock, Radom and Siedlce. These cities, until the end of 1998, were the capitals of the voivodships, and after the administrative reform from January 1, 1999 they gained the status of cities with powiat rights. The exception is Ciechanów, which gained the status of urban gmina. Since 1999, majority of these cities recorded a population decrease mainly due to migration. One of the reasons for population decline was the suburbanisation process and the outflow of population to the suburban area.

Considering the above aspects, an attempt was made to determine migration directions and determine who changed their place of residence most often. The analysis includes data on internal migration for permanent residence for the years 2005–2015 and the results of the Projection of gminas population for the years 2017–2030. The data from the Demography database and the Local Data Bank available on the Central Statistical Office website were used. In the analysis of some phenomena Ciechanów was not taken into account, due to the fact that it has the status of urban gmina and not all data is available at this level of aggregation.

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