POPULATION AND HOUSING CENSUS 2011. Population and households in mazowieckie voivodship. Size and socio-economic structure

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Date of publication: 28.08.2014

The publication presents the issues of the sources of maintenance of the population and of the households, as well as information on the disabled people and on the households with disabled members. Characterization of the population by sources of maintenance and data on the disabled people has been presented by demographic and socio-economic characteristics, such as i.a. sex, age, place of residence, educational level, economic activity. Information on households by sources of maintenance and on households with disabled members has been presented in connection with the data on their size, family and generational composition, socio-economic groups and economic activity of their members.

The publication consists of general notes, which give the legal basis of the census, its aims and thematic scope, as well as regulations and forms of dissemination of the results, methodological notes containing definitions and terms used in the census, analytical part divided by themes and statistical tables. The tabular part consists of review tables, in which selected information has been collated with the data of the 2002 census, tables presenting results on voivodship and, in some cases, powiat level and tables with coefficients of variation. Maps and charts presenting selected phenomena on the area of Mazowieckie voivodship enrich the volume.

By: Voivodship, powiats.